basis voor
actuele kunst

The educational program of BAK aims to extend knowledge, increase understanding, and accumulate opinions. Students are encouraged to contemplate, reflect, and socially engage. They are asked not only to observe and record, but also, and especially, to take a stand, act, and contribute. The approach is therefore interactive and discussion-oriented. The educational material is versatile and accommodates the differing forms of knowledge and experience of secondary and higher education students.

Educational material
• Tailored tours: During exhibitions BAK offers guided tours adjusted to the needs of the public. During the tour the BAK educational employee offers insight into the content of the various artworks on display, the approach of the curator, as well as the relationship between the exhibition, the wider discourse, and the student’s individual perspective.
• Education material: Content is provided for use by secondary schools in conjunction with a visit to the exhibition.
• Information for teachers/lecturers: Prior to visiting the exhibition, teachers can make an appointment with the education staff at BAK for a conversation and a short tour. Also, BAK offers to tailor educational projects in collaboration with teachers.
• Research projects: Because of the research-based nature of BAK, there are many opportunities for students to do research at BAK in the context of a thesis and/or internship. There are also opportunities for the fulfillment of a work experience placement.

If you want to book a tour, make an appointment, or would like to receive more information, please contact educational employee Myrthe Nagtzaam at: or +31 (0)30 2316125.

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