basis voor
actuele kunst
Haven't we had enough?
newsletter 2004 #3 (a new essay by Igor Zabel )

As a platform for artistic production and the production of knowledge, BAK basis voor actuele kunst organizes its activities voer extended periods of time and around particular subjects or thems. Thus, projects such as exhibition, lecture series, publications, etc. often share a common ground, or in other words examine a particular issue from various perspecties and through different vocabularies or means. However, our theoretical considerations for creating such a framework often remain undisclosed to the public. We have therefore decided to bring forward a new essay by a writer, philosopher, or an artist each time we feel it could contribute to the way we experience and understand art and its contexts. The notion of Europe and the new political economic, and cultural cicumstances following the enlargement of the European Union is our current focus, which culminated in the exhibtion and a series of talks on hopitatlity and migration Cordially Inivited.

The text Haven't we had enough? by curator and write Igor Zabel outlines his understanding of Europe as a cultrual concept, and the relationship between art in (so-called) Eastern Europe and its Western counterpart.
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