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Test Department #1

A graduate exhibition and a series of conversations 04.09.—16.10.2005

A series of Conversations

03.09.2005 (sat) at 18.30 hrs: Nancy Bleck in conversation with philosopher Rosi Braidotti
03.09.2005 (sat) at 21.00 hrs: Juha Laatikainen/WOW presents music, text, and moving images
13.09.2005 (tue) at 20.00 hrs: Theo Marks in conversation with drawing instructor at Eikenstein Max Randrianrivelo
20.09.2005 (tue) at 20.00 hrs: Karien van Assendelft in conversation with cognitive psychologist Frans Verstraten
27.09.2005 (tue) at 20.00 hrs: Chantal Ehrhardt in conversation with artist Fiona Tan
04.10.2005 (tue) at 20.00 hrs: Cancelled
11.10.2005 (tue) at 20.00 hrs: Ellamarthe Debeij in conversation with artist John Körmeling
15.10.2005 (sat) at 20.00 hrs: Joris Lindhout in conversation with semiotician Michel Scherrer
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