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Concerning War – Soft Target. War as a Daily, First-Hand Reality

exhibition 06.11.—18.12.2005

An exhibition exploring how artists attempt to represent the complex subject of war at a time when it threatens to become a first-hand reality across the world due to current political conditions and the specter of terrorism, with works by:

Kamal Aljafari, Visit Iraq, 2003, video, 27 min.
Maja Bajevic, Back in Black, 2003, video installation, 10 min.
Jean-Jacques Birgé, The Sniper, 1994, video, 3 min.
Manel Esparbé i Gasca, Warzone, 2005, paintings (triptych)
Jean-Luc Godard, Notre Musique, 2004, film, 77 min.
Sagi Groner, 4.11.02, 2003, video, 22 min.
Alfredo Jaar, The Eyes of Gutete Emerita, 1996, lightbox installation
Aryan Kaganof, Western 4.33, 2002, film, 32 min.
Chris Marker, Sans Soleil, 1982, film, 100 min.
Renzo Martens, Episode 1, 2003, video, 45 min.
Aernout Mik, Refraction, 2004, video installation
Deimantas Narkevièius, Legend Coming True, 1999, film, 68 min.
Jules & Gédéon Naudet, James Hanlon, 9/11, 2001, documentary film, 120 min.
Ronald Ophuis, Srebrenica-serie, 2004, paintings
Adela Peeva, Whose is This Song?, 2003, film, 70 min.
Alain Resnais, Nuit et Brouillard, 1955, documentary film, 32 min.
Anri Sala, Natural Mystic (Tomahawk #2), 2002, video installation
Coco Schrijber, First Kill, 2001, documentary film, 70 min.
Peter Watkins, The War Game, 1965, documentary film, 47 min.
and Jasmila Žbaniæ, After, After, 1997, video, 16 min.

curated by Brigitte van der Sande

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst
Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht

shopping mall Hoog Catharijne, Utrecht
(see map, click here)

opening hours:

Soft Target. War as a Daily, First-Hand Reality (both locations):
13.00–19.00 hrs

entrance fee:
€ 7 incl. project guide. students € 5

The ticket is non-transferable and valid for two visits to the exhibition.

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