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Haegue Yang: Unevenly

Portrait of Nym Wales. Courtesy Korean Arirang Association

solo exhibition 23.04.—18.06.2006
opening 22.04.2006 at 20.00 hrs

The opening is accompanied by mini concert by currently Amsterdam based artist and musician David Michael DiGregorio (with Sung Hwan Kim) and Den Haag based musician Byungjun Kwon (with Yamila Rios).

*Portraits of Kim San (1905-1938) and Nym Wales.
Kim San was a Korean communist/anarchist and revolutionary during the Japanese colonial period. Nym Wales is an American journalist and writer who wrote about Kim San’s underground resistance against Japanese imperialism. Their intense meetings and conversations led to Wales’s publication of an autobiography of Kim San, The Song of Ariran (1941). The book inspired the young politically committed and progressive generation in Korea.

Images courtesy Korean Arirang Association (

The exhibition has been made possible with financial support by Arts Council Korea.

The Measure of Community
23 May 2006 (Tuesday) at 19.00 hrs

Lectures and discussions on the notion of community with Nina Möntmann, curator and art historian, Hamburg; Marcus Verhagen, art critic and art historian, London; and Haegue Yang. Introduced and moderated by Binna Choi.

The topic of community in the age of globalization and nomadism, beyond the notion of communities as measured by their productive and political power-value, will be discussed from the perspective of critical contemporary artistic practice.

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