basis voor
actuele kunst
Common Ground
exhibition and publication 13.04.—31.12.2001

‘Common Ground’ is a long-term project in which the conceptual and physical space of BeganeGrond, center for contemporary art, plays the main role.

Krijn de Koning (The Netherlands), André van Bergen
(The Netherlands), Roman Ondák (Slovakia), Govinda Mens
(The Netherlands), Tomo Savic-Gecan (Croatia/The Netherlands), Job Koelewijn (USA/The Netherlands) and Michiel Kluiters
(The Netherlands) engage in a dialogue with BeganeGrond, its audiences, and each other.

The curatorial premise of the project refers to the children’s game Chinese Whispers, in which a message is whispered from one child to another and then to another, so that its form and content are gradually transmuted. Through a series of individual interventions, which remain in the space and co-create a new context for the next artist, a group exhibition evolves over
time. The artists also experiment with the phenomenon of
an exhibition as such, which is to be formed through the mutual dialogue, (mis)understandings, expectations, and productive disruptions of the collaborative process.

On a symbolic level, the artists’ interventions lead to a complete conceptual and physical reconstruction of BeganeGrond, center for contemporary art, which in 2003 re-opens as BAK, basis voor actuele kunst. The publication ‘Common Ground’ accompanies the project.

‘Common Ground’ has been made possible with financial support from the Mondriaan Foundation. Special thanks to: Ljudmila ­ Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Galerie Fons Welters, Annet Gelink Galerie and Pavol Vajs.

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