basis voor
actuele kunst
Ongoing - Research-in-Residence

The Research-in-Residence program (RIR) provides international artists, researchers, writers, curators, and critics with an opportunity to spend a period of time living and working in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands in order to develop their artistic or theoretical work.

Residencies are of different durations and vary according to the needs of the residents as well as the agreements and commitments with the cooperating organizations. Two Utrecht-based art organizations are responsible for the RIR program: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and SWK, Foundation for Working Spaces for Artists.

Invitations are extended to seven or eight practitioners each year on the basis of their high-quality critical artistic or intellectual practice, interest in actively exchanging resources, knowledge, and thinking with BAK and the public, engagement with the central themes of inquiry articulated by the cooperating organizations, and capacity to spend a concentrated period of time in Utrecht.




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