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Concerning the Post-Secular 2007–2008
Lecture series on the "Post-Secular" in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University

An academic year-long lecture series on the “post-secular” in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, marking part of the research trajectory of Concerning the Post-Secular, a long-term, multifaceted project.

The lecture series aims at investigating the “post-secular” as a central aspect of our current historical condition and the mutual engagements of secularism and religious discourses especially in contemporary Europe. The lecture series maps the intersections of the “post-secular” with social and political theory as well as cultural and artistic practices and movements. Special emphasis is placed on issues of political theory, Islam in Europe, ethics, human rights, gender and feminist practices, contemporary art and the European tradition of liberal humanism. Drawing together various fields of scholarship and contemporary artistic practice, which are often separated by disciplinary orientation, institutional divides, and methodological traditions, the series creates spaces for dialogue and cross-disciplinary exchanges. The format of the lecture series is in-depth conversations with and between prominent scholars in the fields of religious critiques, secularism, feminism, contemporary art and theory, as well as the major monotheistic religions. Among the invited speakers are Prof. Dr. Ada Rapoport, Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Korte, Dr. Sarah Bracke, Prof. Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd, Prof. Dr. Judith Butler, Prof Dr. Peter van der Veer, Prof. Dr. Tariq Modood, and Prof. Dr. Susan Harding.

Following this lectures series, Concerning the Post-Secular further develops through an exhibition (autumn 2008), seminars and related projects, and a BAK Critical Reader presenting new texts by artists and scholars who further investigate the notion of the “post-secular” from the perspective of contemporary artistic and intellectual practices (winter 2008).


Wednesday 14 November 2007
On Secularism and Europe
Speaker: Dr. Simon Glendinning

Tuesday 18 December 2007
Seminar on Religion and Feminism I
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Korte, Prof. Dr. Ada Rapoport

Tuesday 22 January 2008
Seminar on Religion and Feminism II
Speakers: Dr. Sarah Bracke, Dr. Chia Longman

Tuesday 19 February 2008
On Islam in Europe
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd

Thursday 6 March 2008
On Secularism and Feminism
Speakers: Prof. Rosi Braidotti, Prof. dr. Judith Butler
Location: Auditorium, Catharijneconvent, Lange Nieuwstraat 38, Utrecht

Tuesday 22 April 2008
On Secularism’s Magic
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter van der Veer 

Friday 23 May 2008
On Muslims in Europe
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Tariq Modood, Dr. Thijl Sunier 

Thursday 12 June 2008
On Evangelical Christians in the USA
Speaker: prof. Dr. Susan Harding
Location: Debatcentrum Tumult (entrance at Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten) Domplein 5, Utrecht

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