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The Return of Religion...–On Post-Secularism

Discourse Program
11.01., 01.02., 15.02., 01.03.2009

The discourse program On Post-Secularism examines the popular assumption of the revival of religious faith, issues of iconoclasm, and the changing character of secularism in a series of lectures, presentations, and research meetings investigating different perspectives on the manifestation of religion in the public sphere. On Post-Secularism is co-organized with the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University (

Mythic Narratives of Secularism and Religion
Sunday 11 January 2009, 15.00 hrs
Sven Lutticken, Kenan Malik, Markha Valenta

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, Christina von Braun is regretfully unable to participate in this session as previously announced.)

Sunday 1 February 2009, 15.00 hrs
Jan Assmann, Arnoud Holleman, Silvia Naef, and screening of a work by Boris Groys

Revolution & Critique
Sunday 15 February 2009, 15.00 hrs
Mark Boulos, Marc De Kesel, Natascha Sadr Haghighian 

Alternatives to Monotheism
Sunday 1 March 2009, 15.00 hrs
Lars Bang Larsen, Wouter Hanegraaff, and screening of works by Kenneth Anger and Joachim Koester 

Instituto Cervantes , Domplein 3, Utrecht

Entrance Fee: 
Per session €2
BOOKS@BAK members free

Please click here for more detailed information on the project The Return of Religion and Other Myths or the exhibition The Art of Iconoclasm.

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