basis voor
actuele kunst
Josef Dabernig: Fade in
exhibition 18.05.—29.06.2003

Josef Dabernig a Vienna-based artist, presents a number of his black and white films, produced since 1996. A seamless narrative developing against a precisely defined location ­public space with recognizable features ­ gives Dabernig’s films their distinctive quality. Based in routines of the everyday, Dabernig directs the actors (he is also often featured as an actor in the works) in a slow course of actions ­ movements and gestures that reaffirm the seemingly banal situation at hand. However, upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers a carefully constructed scheme: a space created from inertia and monotony, revealing an area void of the unnecessary, cleared-out, and awaiting something new to come.

Josef Dabernig’s exhibition inaugurates the newly renovated premises of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst.

The exhibition has been made possible by Bundeskanzleramt Republic Austria, Kunstsektion. Films: courtesy sixpackfilm
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