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Kiluanji Kia Henda, The Spaceship Icarus 13, Luanda, 2007, photo, part of the series Icarus 13

Opening 08.10.2011, 20:00 hrs
Exhibition 09.10.–23.12.2011

Public Program: Cinematic Narratives from Elsewhere

Bypasses to Modernity 08.10.2011, 14.00–18.00 hrs
Against Amnesia and Apathy 22.10.2011, 11.00–19.30 hrs
Excavating a Cinematic Future 05.11.2011, 14.00–17.00 hrs
The Political Carnivalesque 19.11.2011, 14.00–17.00 hrs
Revisions of African Representation 03.12.2011, 14.00–17.00 hrs

More information about the public program can be found here

The exhibition Spacecraft Icarus 13: Narratives of Progress from Elsewhere presents a number of artistic positions by international artists from different generations that reflect upon alternative visions for the future and models for political and cultural change that have emerged in response to the new conditions of the post-Cold War era. The artworks speak powerfully about the necessity to think beyond today’s neoliberal brand of progress.

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